Comets Auskick

Transition from Kew Auskick to Comets Club Footy Info
We have prepared the following information, if you have any further queries please contact the Registrar at 
Season Training Times
This will depend on your coach’s availability but as a guide we have tenancy at Victoria Park on Wednesdays and Fridays 5-8pm so it will be during either of those days/time slots. Each team is allocated a 1hr training session per week. 
Match Days and Times
U8-U10 teams play on Sunday mornings – usually the earlier timeslots of 8.30, 10am or occasionally 11.30amHome Matches are played at Victoria Park, Kew and we play away matches at various local Clubs.
Match Fixture
Due to the amount of Clubs and Teams – the complete fixture is usually released one week ahead of the first match.  
Comets Uniform
Comets uniform is available for purchase through Bob Stewart, 211 High Street Kew. 
White Shorts (with the KJFC strip) for Away Games
Brown Shorts (with the KJFC strip) for Home Games
Yellow/Gold Socks
Comets Spray Jacket (to be worn to game day match) 
Comets Hoodies and Comets training tops are optional. 
Game Day Playing Jumper will be provided by the KJFC "Comets" – Playing Jumpers remain the property of the Club.
We hope to receive all registrations by Monday 8th March 2017 as we plan to allocate players to teams by week end. Teams will be allocated players based on school groups and friendships. 
Our goal is to have 12 players per team so that everyone has the opportunity to play each week but obviously this will depend on final registered numbers. 
Late registrations for this age group will always be welcomed but we may have to allocate the player to the team with the least amount of players - which may not necessarily be with friends or school group.  
U8 - Preseason training time & date
Location: Reservoir Reserve, Grange Rd Kew – (Behind Kew Traffic School) 
• Monday 20th March 
• 5-6pm
• From the 19th or 21st April all training will be held at Victoria Park, High St, Kew with each team allocated a 1 hr training session per week.


AFL U8 Rules

Rules and Regulations

Under 8




12 a side

Maximum Ground Size – Use of Zones

80m x 60m approx. (2 games per oval) 3 equal zones

Match Length

4 x 10 min (1 hour)

Competition Details

No scores, ladders or finals.


No recording of best players and goalkickers permitted.


No representative teams.


No tackle or bump.


There is absolutely no contact or spoiling, except when accidental in nature.

The ball

Size 1 Synthetic


1 field, 2 goal umpires, Parents



Coaching position

Onfield (1)


1 bounce before disposing


A mark is awarded, irrespective of the distance the ball has travelled, to any player who catches it or makes a reasonable attempt to mark it.

Out of Bounds 

From a kick, a free kick is awarded against the player who last kicked the ball.  From hands, or if there is doubt, the umpire shall  call a ball-up 10m in from the boundary.

Kick off the Ground

Not permitted unless accidental.

Stealing, smothering, shepherding, barging

No stealing, smothering, shepherding or barging.


No distance penalty applies.     Players can be ordered off at the umpires discretion.

Age Group Day

Under 8’s Round Robin during season